Specialization through innovation

Founded in 1993, The Surgical Company (TSC), headquartered in The Netherlands, has grown both organically and through mergers and acquisitions to become a Group of 9 companies. TSC’s main activities are concentrated on the development, production and distribution of specialised medical products. The group employs 370 colleagues and generates € 140 mln in annual sales.

As synergies were created between the companies, the need for a strong common identity presented itself, benefitting from each other’s networks. As a result of this, in 2019, all distribution companies of the Group in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands were rebranded under The Surgical Company name, with a common logo. Our new distribution branch in the US has also followed this path.

The 4 production companies, listed below started to increase their collaboration until it became natural to join the common identity.
- The 37Company (NL) – Mistral-Air, Fluido, Fluido Irrigation & Thermoflect.
- Sensium (UK) – Wireless patch Sensium.
- Axess Vision (France) – Broncoflex single-use bronchoscope.
- Hemologic (NL): Wearable device for cardiac output monitoring.

From this moment forward, the TSC production companies and TSC distribution companies proudly continue as The Surgical Company. All of our products will be presented under the brand: The Surgical Company with a portfolio of 6 product lines.

The 4 production companies are, as of now, internal divisions of the TSC Group:
• Patient Temperature Management (The 37Company)
• Endovision (Axess Vision)
• Connected Care (Sensium)
• Hemologic (Hemologic)

We are confident that this new common identity will be the platform for our continued international growth.

The Surgical Company - Specialization through Innovation

Our Values: CLIENT

In a market that is constantly evolving, we are always ahead of the curve. Our daily engagement is to offer support to our customers; in order to respond to market needs and those of tomorrow. You can count on us!

Our motivation is best expressed by the in-house chosen theme “CLIENT” focusing on our common values:









For more information about The Surgical Company group visit: https://www.surgcomp.com/en/