Portable Hemodynamic Cardiac Profiler released


January 31st marked a major milestone in the Hemologic Project.

The first portable Hemodynamic Cardiac Profiler (pHCP) devices were handed over by Dr. ir Joris Jaspers, Head of Innovation and Associate Professor Labour Saving Medical Devices from UMCU,  to Hemologic's Charles Hollenkamp MD, Managing Director. The devices were designed and built by the department of Medical Technology and Clinical Physics, under a development contract with Hemologic. These devices,  together with the Investigational Medical Device Dossier, can now be used for submitting study proposals to the Ethical Committee. Two such projects will commence soon.

In Sport Medisch Advies Centrum Midden Nederland (http://www.smamiddennederland.nl)  healthy subjects will undergo treadmill and exercise testing to establish robustness and reproducibility characteristics of the device and assess user related aspects in an outpatient environment.

In the Amsterdam Medical Center, a trial is being prepared that will investigate reproducibility and validity of measurements by HCP against other standards, before continuing to assess the Volume Time Curve association with physical fitness in healthy subjects against patients after an Ischemic Heart Disease event and who successfully revalidated.

Ultimately, it is hoped to find a marker to better assess who is at risk of complications post major surgery, and how this affects post-surgery monitoring.

The portable HCP is compact, wireless and wearable, uses a specific ECG electrode patch, and records Volume Time Curves in a 200 Hz resolution in combination with a full 12ECG. Data is displayed wirelessly on a host PC every 20 seconds and all continuous data is stored on the wearable patient unit and can currently record for a full 2 hours on a rechargeable battery. Data can be downloaded onto the host PC and used for further analysis in a Look Back mode.


The clinical study options are boundless, and Hemologic encourages investigators to reach out to discuss study options.

Images below of the handover ceremony: