Martijn Visscher joins Hemologic


We are pleased to announce the employment of Martijn Visscher, as Technical Physicist at Hemologic B.V., per july 12th 2016

Martijn holds a PhD in Biomedical Technology from the University of Twente. For the last 2 years, as Post-Doctoral researcher, Martijn worked on the preclinical application of magnetic nanoparticles, aimed at developing a new radiation - free method for the early localization of tumor cells in lymph nodes. He also holds experience in the development of arrhythmia detection and treatment algorithms for cardiac pacemakers.

His experience in applying mathematical en physical modeling of electromagnetic fields in the human body is a great opportunity to continue the Hemologic research and clinical work in the field of volume time curve measurements of the heart, creating more Intellectual Property for the company, and expanding the possible clinical applications of the Hemologic Cardiac Profiler concept.

Next to his research assignment, Martijn will have a coordinating role in the product development with outsourced partners for the first commercial device using Hemologic technology.