Hemologic receives Dutch innovation funding


Hemologic BV, the developer of the Hemologic Cardiac Profiler, received acknowledgement of funding support by the Dutch Government RVO innovation fund for prototype development,  clinical trials and the product development of the first commercial application of its patented technology for non-invasive, wearable and wireless measurement of hemodynamic parameters of the heart.
The device offers the opportunity to distill information about the systolic and diastolic functioning of the human heart from Volume -Time curves measured during the cardiac cycle. The measurements are done with a 5 millisecond sampling rate, have good accuracy and a low operator variability while the patient has freedom of movement. It´s a simple as taking a patient´s ECG. In fact, it is done at the very same time.  As such,  the technology seems promising as a simple and powerful diagnostic tool for outpatient clinic use,  for early detection of compromised pump function of the heart.

During a symbolic handover of the funding agreement by RVO program advisors  Eddy Schipper and Michiel de Boer , Hemologic was congratulated on its thorough and well prepared application work prior to the approval of funding. Out of 400 annual applications, only 10% of the applicant projects make it to the final stage of receiving partial funding for innovative projects from several industries, such as healthcare.
In the case of Hemologic the remaining funding is secured from Hemologic parent company The Surgical Company Group.  With an annual turnover of 80 million euro and 220 employees, TSC Group is a Dutch consortium of medical distribution companies with direct salesforces  in France, Germany and Benelux,  as well as proprietary product development and  manufacturing, exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide.
Hemologics Charles Hollenkamp, Managing Director, and Bert van Dalen, General Manager,  commented  ’While we had our initial reservations about what generally is seen as complex and slow government funding programs with high entry barriers,  we decided to knock on the door six months ago, and we were kindly received. We actually found the whole process to be clear, well prepared, pragmatic, action oriented and overall quite pleasant. We would definitely recommend other innovators to make the effort of submitting an application to RVO’

For more information about the Hemologic Cardiac Profiler, see www.hemologic.com,  for the Surgical company group see www.surgcomp.com, for information on the RVO innovation fund, see www.rvo.nl