Hemologic pitches at Medtechpartners meeting


Medtechpartners is a Dutch networing organization for the medical industry and healthcare market. Medtechpartners accelrates the development of medical technological innovations whilst in process from concept to a ready-to-market status. During Medtechmeetings entrepeneurs are invited to pitch their innovation and formulate areas of requested support from Medtechpartner members. This can be funding, reimbursement, management, or the request to partners with specific technical capabilities and services.

On the MedtechMeeting hosted by NLC on june 9th 2016 in the Amsterdam Health & Technology Centre, Hemologic pitched its concept and invited product developers to get in touch for the outsouring of the product development of  the first commercial version of the HCP technology, to get underway once first clinical trial data become available from advanced prototypes in the second half of 2016.

The response by Medtechpartner members was positive and beyond expectations, and will be followed up in the last quarter of 2016.

For more information on Medtechpartners (in dutch) please visit  http://www.medtechpartners.nl/home/het-doel