First Clinical trial underway for Hemologic


Hemologic's first clinical trial is underway at the SMA Midden-Nederland in Amersfoort.
In this sports medicine and performance enhancing training insitution, Dr. Guido Vroemen and colleagues leads the robustness, variability and reproducibility testing in healthy professional and amateur athletes (male/female) in rest and exercise (treadmill and bike) setting. A total of 280 test results will be analysed  and compared during the early summer of 2017. This trial is the stepping stone to envelope expansion for validation testing against other methods for non-invasive hemodynamic measurement, notably VO2max, Ergo Echo and Nexfin. Testing will be in healthy subjects and patients who have succesfully recovered from a MI infarction and the follow-up rehabilitation process. The SMA trial was recenty  approved by the Medical Ethical Committe of the University Medical Center Utrecht, and the Dutch Health Inspectorate IGZ

Study Monitoring Training on site at SMA Midden Nederland