The parent holding company, The Surgical Company Group, currently provides the investments to field the product, and is interested to talk to investors for the opportunity to invest in an accelerated development towards various commercial applications. Hemologic also receives innovation funding from the Dutch government under the RVO Innovation porgramme.

Based on the expected outcome of multiple trials in 2016, Hemologic plans to develop the technology into specific devices for several diagnostic and monitoring applications. The first will be diagnostic applications in Rest, Stress and Holter ECG equipment, for outpatient cardiology and pre-surgical screening environments.

Based on prior research already completed, further research will be undertaken by Hemologic to tailor this unique non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring technology for in-hospital pre/post-surgery and ICU applications.

Given the large potential HCP is expected to have after confirmation of accuracy, precision and concordance in the multicenter trials, Hemologic B.V. will offer its technology to interested OEM partners on a licensing basis.

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