The need for additional outpatient cardiac diagnostics

As a physician, you will recognize the dilemma:

Your patient's symptoms are vague, intermittent, or not present at time of standard outpatient diagnostic testing while the patient was stationary, or results seem to be inconclusive. You are in need of hemodynamic data, to assess the patient’s functional capacity, preferably while your patient performs his or her daily activities, exercise, and moves freely.

You will now need to utilize imaging diagnostics to derive basic hemodynamic data, but these cannot be done right away, and are known to have operator bias, even more so during exercise. Invasive hemodynamic diagnostics are really your last option to choose...

In your outpatient clinic, you have a need for a non-invasive system, which gives immediate hemodynamic insight in your patient's functional status and capacity, in order to better relate symptoms, and to make informed decisions faster about treatment options.

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The Hemodynamic Cardiac Profiler

Our non-invasive diagnostic device, The Hemodynamic Cardiac Profiler (HCP), uses a disposable chest electrode sticker, and produces near real-time filling curves of the left atrium and left ventricle, every 20 seconds, while the patient is wearing the device and has freedom of movement.

The data is transmitted wirelessly to a monitor while also being stored on the patient unit and can be downloaded from the device. An event marker and 12 lead ECG are also provided. 


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